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The Art of the Personal Touch For A Meaningful Wedding

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I've been wedding-obsessed since the age of five. I believe in loved luxury - whatever luxury means to you. The art of surrounding yourself with the people, places and things you adore most when you say ‘I do.’ The brilliance of celebrating however you imagine. Whatever you want is what I want to support you in creating.

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Make it personal, down to every. last. Detail.⁣

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Instead of simply hosting your loved ones for a party, invite them along for the experience of a lifetime as you bring to life every special element of your journey together as a couple!  From that perfect off-the-beaten-path venue to subtle little touches that will make your guests feel extra special, finding fun little ways to infuse your unique and special personalities into your big day is not only the key to building a personal and intimate for yourself and your guests, but also to make your wedding planning a memorable and enjoyable experience!⁣

One of the first steps in my process with all of my planning clients is having them answer a questionnaire filled with fun and sometimes silly questions about the couple both as individuals and together.  This helps me get to know my clients on a personal level and learn about their relationship with each other and the things they love, which in turn, gives me some great insight into ways that we can inject some of their unique personalities into the overall look and feel of their day! 

Here are a few of my go-to jump-off points for adding some personal flair to your big day:

The Menu

Work with your caterer to find ways to incorporate your favourite foods into the different parts of your day!  Put a high-end twist on your go-to comfort food, or make it bite-sized for a cocktail hour app.  Famous for those nachos you always make on game day, or are you the one in the group who always has McD’s bags in the back seat of the car?  Bring them in for a late-night snack for one final personal touch at the end of the evening, and listen for the “that’s so them!”s to roll in!

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The Flowers

Is there one special variety that grew in grandma’s garden when you were young?  Did your love bring you roses on your very first date?  Incorporating a bloom that has special meaning to you, your family, or your relationship will bring that little extra sprinkle of love to your arrangements, and will give you all the warm fuzzies every time you look at your wedding photos.⁣

Meaningful Favours

From mini-bottles of your favourite whiskey to special treats from your fur baby to theirs (they had to miss the party, after all), the possibilities are endless when it comes to creative ideas for a little “thank you” to send home with your guests.  The one thing I can tell you is, if you choose something that you love, your guests will love it too…and they’ll always remember just how very you a touch it was!⁣

Image captured by  De La Vie Photography

Your Wedding Day Look

Not a fan of the traditional white gown or three-piece black suit? Don’t be afraid to change it up!  With wedding day attire, anything goes!  From subtle, playful prints to eye-catching and colourful luxe velvet jackets, customizing your wedding day look is a great way to infuse your unique personality and style into your day.⁣

Ladies, the sky is the limit for finding a look you adore. From colourful tones to bridal jumpsuits, finding a wedding day look that suits your unique personality to a T.  Love the idea of staying a little traditional with your dress, but still want to add some flair?  Accent your look with custom accessories that capture that little bit of pow to complete your wedding day look. Jewellery, hairpieces, shoes, and even sunglasses to wear during your outdoor cocktail hour can add such a fun pop to your look, without taking it over the top!

Gents, if you just can’t envision heading down the aisle in floral prints or a green velvet jacket, have no fear! There are plenty of ways to give your look a little extra oomph without feeling like you’re going too wild. Try choosing a suit colour that’s different (or even just a shade lighter or darker) than the rest of your tribe. Or how about a vest, tie, or pocket square in a different pattern or colour? Any and all of these things will help you stand out from your wedding party, while giving a great look for your group shots too! ⁣Remember, you should always coordinate your look with your wedding party and overall design, but you don’t have to (read: definitely shouldn’t!) match completely! It is your day after all, so have some fun and let your unique and personal style shine through!

There are so many aspects of your wedding day that can be made personal and unique to you.  No matter which elements you choose, we can always, always, always find a way to translate them to work with the overall theme of your day, whether you’re going boho or full-out black tie!

Love these ideas?  I have so many more!

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